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Meet the hearts driving our mission.
What if you could make a difference, an impact in the life of a not only a warrior, but a warrior and a family? What if you could make that difference, that impact, today?  At Home Front K9 Project, we have the mission to do just that.  It is widely known that a well trained, support K9 can truly bring the gift of service to military veterans  when they have complete their military time.  At Home Front K9 Project, we ask the question, why are we waiting?  We challenge you to join us in making a difference now, that will have a lifetime impact for the future.

“Entrusted with the safety of the loved ones, a Home Front K9 must be as capable as the family member it is standing in for.”

Rich Graham, HFK9 President

  Get started now! Impact a Warrior…Today!

Rich Graham III

President of Home Front K9 Project

Former Navy SEAL, Richard Graham, is the founder of Trident Fitness, LLC.  Rich served over six years fighting for this great country.  Rich then took the knowledge gained as an athlete and special ops operator and geared it toward personal development and fitness.

Following his time in the Navy, Rich organized a cross-country bike ride across the USA in an effort to help raise money and awareness for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (S.O.W.F.), in which they raised over 70 thousand dollars. Trident Fitness continues this work by donating a portion of all product sales to charities like the S.O.W.F.

 In addition to personal fitness, Rich runs courses on tactical pistol training, along with instructing advanced sniper courses for SWAT Teams. Through these programs he has successfully trained various SWAT Teams, Troopers, US Marshalls, and other branches of law enforcement, along with civilians. Rich is a sworn deputy of Newton County, Mississippi responsible for SRT and other tactical training advancements.

Michael Coughlan

Treasurer of Home Front K9 Project

Michael was born and raised in Ireland.   He became a US citizen in 1998.  He served in the Irish Defense Forces (IDF) for 5 years and graduated College before Immigrating to England and thereafter the USA. He has worked all over the world and for the past 15 years has focused on work in the North Eastern USA.

Michael is a Certified K9 handler, an avid shooter and ballistician and has been involved in the shooting sports from a very young age. He is a certified instructor in many disciplines and shoots religiously whenever the weather permits. He was fortunate to meet and train with other members of the HFK9 and Seal Swim Charities team over the years and has established a solid friendship with all.

Due to his background and life experiences he has actively participated in fundraisers to supports the needs of the Veteran community. In August of 2011, he participated in a sniper competition to raise money for Wounded Warriors. In 2013, 2014 & 2015, he participated in the NYC Triathlon and a 250 mile bike ride with two other Team members and others to raise awareness for ORW Treatment programs to help address veteran suicide rates and raise funds to support soldiers with post traumatic stress disorder. This year 2017, he plans on doing the following Seal swim Team charity events: 15 mile swim, 250 mile bike ride and NYC Triathlon to help raise Money and awareness

John Felmet

Director of Strategic Placement

John hails from the historic hills of North Carolina.  His energy and passion for the veteran community is limitless as he pours out warmth and hospitality where ever he goes.  With encouragement from friends and neighbors, John is following his heart in building strong military families through the mission at Home Front K9 Projects.  He is well known for building positive community and growth in his neighborhood.  One of his great passions is bringing healing to those who have been touched by traumatic and war-stressed environments.  Through the strength found in his Lord and Savior, John continues this mission.

Always at his side is his sweet wife, his children, but more importantly his Lord.  In his spare time, which can be sparse, John enjoys long walks, reading, and dinners at home.

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