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With our program, we are funding more than just a dog.  Many of our K9s are in training for their duties to the warriors and their families for over 18 months.  And while many of our trainers discount their prices heavily to support our mission, there is more to the cost of placing the K9 than just the dog and the training.  We look to fund the return training and weekend trips with the military families to continue building strong communication, emotional connections, and ultimately unbreakable families.

Thank you for your interest.  We are always looking help for many aspects of our mission.  Please check out our volunteer page and feel free to contact us with your interest.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

We would love for you to learn  more about our Home Front K9 Sponsorship program.  Please head over to the Sponsorship page for more information about the benefits of our program.

We primarily work with Shepherd breeds such as the German Shepherds, the Malinios, and the Dutch Shepherd.

Deep Woods USA is a facility in Florida where our Warrior Weekends are held.  At Deep Woods USA, the military member and their families can bring their Home Front K9 for follow on training in communication and engage in team building skills.  Through these exercises with the dog, the family can reconnect and strengthen their ability to take on the next mission together.

This is a weekend away for the warrior and their families.  When a military member returns from down range, there is always a time of reconnecting, learning to communicate again, and re-engaging with their family members.  The dog can truly assist in this.  Through the patience and the communication with the dog a family can better see the break down of their own communication with each other.  This transparency allows for developing a strong sense of togetherness in working through these challenges together.

Yes! We are a full and functioning non-profit organization.

What do the warriors we serve have to say?

Let them tell you in their own words what Home Front K9 Project means to them.

I felt welcomed and can’t thank you enough for the service of Home Front K9.  God Bless.

Special Operations 24th

My life and my peace of mind are all owed to Home Front K9.  Mission Ready!

Navy SEAL Operator

What a Home Front K9 means to me?  Life!  Thank you for making a change in my life and not just mine, but my family! I can go to the movies without the stress and panic.

Combat Multi-War Veteran

I have a mission and a purpose.  Home Front K9 Projects helps to keep my head in the game, because I know my K9 is back home watching the home front! Thank you!

Combat Special Forces

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