Meet Our Dogs

Home Front K9s training for their families
At Home Front K9 Project, we are passionate about utilizing the true working dogs for our military warriors and their families.  It can be hard to find a dog suitable for our mission, but we have sought out trainers and breeders who train true working line dogs. We use primarily the herding breeds (German Shepherds, Malinois, Dutch Shepherds) for their intelligence, physical capabilities, and natural bond with their handlers. The working line dogs have been specifically chosen because they have the greatest chance of success in completing the training, have stable nerves in and around stress, learn quickly, and are able to go anywhere and do anything with their handlers. It is one of our top priorities to make sure that these dogs are socialized and stabilized around a family from an early age to ensure that our warriors know that their families are safe around their canine companion while they are away defending them.

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