A Walk for Bobby

A WALK FOR BOBBY:  My name is Kevin Trainor and I want to give a face to the statistics.  My friend Bobby Walker struggled with ptsd. He was waiting to go through a program to help him with the effects and regain his life. Before he was able to receive help, he took his life. I missed his call; his voicemail was heart breaking. Bobby was a shipmate, friend and mentor while I served in the US Navy.

The gift of a certified and properly trained service dog for a veteran is paramount in making everyday life bearable. Being there for the veteran 24/7, a service dog is the ultimate guardian for a veteran coping with PTSD. The dog provides security when in a crowd and gives the benefit of an extra set of eyes. It also knows when a Veteran is having an event bringing comfort and stability when there is chaos.

Luca was a gift of life for me. Luca provided stability, companionship and the mechanism to venture out of the house. He provides the confidence for me to do the everyday functions that most people take for granted. Luca is the eye of the storm, when chaos surrounds me. He is ever vigilant, confident and an appendage that I could not do without.

I wish that Bobby had a service dog. If he had had one, the demons of PTSD would have assuredly been cast aside and he would still be here today. Luca, my german shepherd, and I are going to hike 22 miles, on July 22. It will be a two day ruck. All monies raised will go to help HomeFront K9 Projects place a K9 in the hands of a warrior.  I will do this in memory of Bobby Walker. I am doing this ruck so that I can bring light where there is darkness; hope where there is despair and cease the suicide epidemic that is pervasive in the Veteran and active duty community.