change a warrior for a lifetime

Our Mission

At Home Front K9 Project, our mission is to donate highly trained K9 companions to active duty special forces families and disabled veterans.  We seek to make a difference in their lives today, a difference that can be seen for a lifetime.

The Warrior

We see the overwhelming and immeasurable benefit that the K9 companion can provide to the service member after they are out of active duty.  This is a fact hardly disputed.  If the dog can provide such a benefit after the service members are banged up and broken from the scars of war, what would have been the outcome if we were proactive and placed the dog earlier into the lives of the service members and their families? Why do we wait? With a trusted K9 companion, the service member can move about in public again, regains trust in others, develops ways to ward off anger before it is a problem, interpret facial expression accurately, and sleep comes easier.  At Home Front K9, one aspect of our mission is to make a difference in the lives of our warriors now, a difference that will surely effect not only the future of the service member, but also the relationships and lives of their family.

The Home

The tempo of the special forces community is such that they are likely away more than they are home.  With days that tally well over 300 in a year’s time, the family is left to keep the home front safe, secure, and prosperous.  This is a tall task.  In this day, when many groups are targeting the families of military members, the task of managing the home can seem a lonely, arduous mission.  By placing a highly trained K9 companion donated by Home Front K9 Project, the second aspect of our mission is met.  The spouse and children now have the support to aid in this quest.  A dog is by its very nature, a visual deterrent.  A family that can otherwise be seen as an easy target, is now a challenge in the sight and minds of those meant to do harm.  For a child, the dog feels like a bit of the service member is still part of their world.  That knowledge in the mind of a small child and the unconditional love the dog freely gives is beyond measure.

The Family

Ask any military spouse or service member, and they will tell you the return from a deployment is not as picture perfect as many would believe.  Communication having to be relearned, experience of the service member, adventures of the family in the warrior’s absence, growth of the children, all these and more make an impact on the dynamics of the family. Quickly, a great chasm of all that is different begins to form.  Through Home Front K9 Project, our third mission focus is on bridging  this gap.  When returning, the family is invited to bring their Home Front K9 to our retreat area, Deep Woods USA, in sunny Florida for a weekend of family and team building engagements all revolving around the dog.  Through working and learning to communicate effectively with their dog, together as a team, the family can see with transparency how to build the bridge that brings them together.  A Home Front K9 can build strong families that will weather the storm of military life.

Ready to Make a Difference?

Together, we can change the future.

Sponsoring Home Front K9 means you are adding to the lives of Warriors and their families. Through your financial contribution we are able to place a completely trained K9 in the hands of those who have served and protected us.  Thank you for joining us on this mission.

Many hand make light work, and as a volunteer you are crucial to our mission.  Not everyone can give through their wallet, but many can help with aid and assistance.  Contact us if you are interested.  We are excited to hear from you.

As a supporter, your financial assistance will be used toward the purchase of a trained K9.  Every dollar counts and they all add up before we know it.  Your support on this mission is crucial for our success. We appreciate your contribution to bettering the lives of warriors and their families.

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